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City News

Looking to find out what's happening in Metropolis?
Visit our calendar for city government and other area events.

Renew Metropolis Application

Notification of Council Meetings for 2016

Project Summary and Preliminary Environmental Impacts Determination

Metropolis TIF and Business District Information
Metropolis US 45 North TIF Plan
Metropolis Interstate North TIF Plan
Metropolis Interstate North BD Plan
Metropolis Business District Plan


Preparing for Winter Power Outages

Current Zoning Ordinance and Map
Current City of Metropolis Zoning Ordinance
Current City of Metropolis Zoning Map (Trouble viewing this file?)

Calls and Letters Claiming Savings on your Electric Bill

Unacceptable Waste

Budget Billing Information
Budget Billing Guidelines
Application for Budget Billing

Recycle My Fridge Program

Code of Ordinance

Drinking Water Quality Report

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

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